Art 4 New York



Since 2016, we’ve performed mini-musicals, piano concerts, dance-alongs, and sit and paints at Upper East Side Nursing Center, Harlem Nursing Center and soon to be Bainbridge Nursing Center in the Bronx. Each performance has a different theme and incorporates as many genres and art styles as possible, such as our popular “Pocket Broadway” shows; these are productions of a popular musical condensed into a 45-minute show. Over 300 residents have taken center stage during these shows and had the opportunity to sing and perform short scenes with over 50 volunteers including students from Harlem High School, Brearley High School, Laguardia High School and professional musical theatre performers — complete with costumes, props, and a live band.

As we’ve grown, we’ve recognized that we need to enhance our interactive shows. We’re currently raising money for handheld and wireless microphones, speakers, a stage curtain, paint, canvases, brushes, and various art supplies and props. Last year, we received a generous grant from Broadway Cares that allowed us to buy a much-needed stereo system for Upper East Side Nursing Center. We aim to continue enhancing our programs at all nursing homes as well as reach more residents by visiting the individual rooms of those who are unable to physically participate.

We hope you'll consider supporting Art 4 New York by volunteering your time or making a tax deductible donation. You can do so by e-mailing us at